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What is libnss-sqlite?

libnss-sqlite is a Name Service Switch (NSS) library which allows you to use a SQLite database as backend for UNIX authentication. This way, you can store users and groups in a database rather than in files.

Why would I need it?

If you want to easily manage user accounts using, say, a web based interface to add users and group, a database is the good way (passwd and shadow can be written only by root). Its performances are quite good (less than one second for an id user with several thousands of groups and users).

You can also use it to mirror a remote database, thus avoiding to open a new connection when NSS facilities are used.

Where do I get it?

Currently, latest version (0.2) is only available as a source package.

You can get the latest development version on subversion: svn co svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/libnsssqlite/libnsssqlite/trunk/

Consult INSTALL and README files for more information on how to build and install libnss-sqlite.

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